Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have you ever

Have you ever been in a situation where your sitting and thinking what do i do next. Well i know most woman like myself sometimes get bored of the same routine everyday. correct me if i am wrong, but when you have a family and kids you tend to forget about yourself. Your daily routine is something that come naturally after a while, take them to school, work, clean the house,cook,pick them up from school take them to soccer,baseball,dance, and etc. when you come to realize it you have forgetten yourself. You wake up some mornings and say to yourself ok i need to do something different. BUT WHAT!!!!! Thats where we fail, we don't do anything and some of us become a depressed and unhappy soul and tend to blame everyone but ourselves, when we are the ones that have the control of our own lives. We decide what is good for us, what we should do, if we want to cook,clean, work and etc... I listen to stories and think of my own and come to realize if i do not like something then i need to change it why wait for someone else to do it for me just so i wont have to point the finger at myself if it fails. I have come to see that i have the control of MY LIFE and i do what i need to do for me. It is not as easy as it seems but one step takes you to many more ahead and by the time you know it you have reached the step you wanted to and you are happy agian. Day by Day, Hour by Hour, I am seeing that and i am learning from my own issues. Do not let anyone tell you that you cant be happy or that it takes someone else to make you happy that is bullsh*t. You are the only tool you need and dont let anyone take that from you. Make your life what you want of it and dont let make you.

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